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What are the chances of Albania in their Euro 2024 group

As Euro 2024 approaches, Albania finds itself in a challenging Group B alongside Spain, Italy, and Croatia. Each of these teams brings a rich history and formidable reputation in international football, posing significant challenges for the Albanian national team. However, the spirit of competition and the unpredictable nature of football mean that Albania cannot be written off entirely. Here’s an analysis of their chances and the key factors that will influence their performance in the tournament.

Team Form and Key Players

Under the guidance of coach Sylvinho, Albania has shown signs of improvement and resilience. The team’s core includes experienced players like Elseid Hysaj, who has consistently performed well in Serie A, and Armando Broja, a promising young forward known for his pace and finishing ability. Midfielders like Ylber Ramadani, Nedim Bajrami, and Kristjan Asllani provide the team with grit and tenacity, essential for battling against top-tier opponents. Additionally, the defence is strengthened by key players like Berat Djimsiti, Arlind Ajeti and Marjo Mitaj, who bring stability and experience to the backline.

Key Players to Watch - Albania Euro 2024

  1. Ylber Ramadani: Known for his defensive capabilities and work rate, Ramadani will be crucial in breaking up play and providing cover for the defence.

  2. Nedim Bajrami: With his vision and passing ability, Bajrami will be the creative force in midfield, tasked with linking defence and attack.

  3. Kristjan Asllani: A young and dynamic midfielder, Asllani’s energy and technical skills will be vital in both defensive and offensive transitions.

  4. Jasir Asani: Expected to be a star performer, Asani has been in excellent form, scoring some incredible goals. His ability to create and finish chances will be critical for Albania's attacking prospects.

  5. Armando Broja: A promising young forward, Broja’s pace and finishing ability make him a key player in Albania’s counter-attacking strategy.

  6. Ernest Muçi: Another young talent, Muçi is expected to make a significant impact. His potential and attacking prowess can be a game-changer for Albania.

  7. Medon Berisha: Expected to debut in the tournament, Berisha's inclusion adds depth to the squad, and his performance could be a surprise element.

  8. Marjo Mitaj: His defensive solidity and ability to contribute to the attack from the back will be vital for Albania.

  9. Arlind Ajeti: An experienced defender who will provide leadership and stability in the backline.

  10. Berat Djimsiti: His presence in defence will be crucial in organizing the backline and keeping out the opposition's attackers.

Group Analysis

  1. Spain: Known for their possession-based play and technical prowess, Spain is one of the heavyweights in Group B. With talents like Pedri, Gavi, and Alvaro Morata, they pose a significant threat. Albania must remain compact and disciplined, looking to exploit spaces on the counter.

2. Italy: The reigning European champions, Italy, are another formidable opponent. Their defensive solidity, coupled with tactical intelligence under coach Luciano Spaletti, makes them tough to break down. Players like Nicolo Barrela, Scammaca, and Federico Chiesa bring creativity and flair, while their defence, led by veterans like Jorginho, remains robust. Albania will need to be highly organized and capitalize on set-pieces and quick transitions to find success against Italy.

3. Croatia: With a blend of experience and emerging talent, Croatia remains a strong force in international football. Luka Modric’s leadership and midfield mastery, combined with the attacking prowess of players like Ivan Perisic and Andrej Kramaric, make Croatia a challenging opponent. Albania’s midfielders will need to be at their best to disrupt Croatia’s rhythm and control the tempo of the game.

Tactical Approach - Albania Euro 2024

Sylvinho is likely to employ a pragmatic strategy, focusing on a compact defensive structure and quick counter-attacks. Against technically superior teams like Spain and Italy, Albania must prioritize defensive organization and look for opportunities to break quickly when possession is gained.

Key Factors for Success

  1. Defensive Discipline: Maintaining a solid defensive shape is paramount. Albania cannot afford to concede early goals, as it would disrupt their game plan and force them to chase the game against superior opponents.

  2. Midfield Control: The midfield trio of Ramadani, Bajrami, and Asllani must win the midfield battles, disrupt the opponent's play, and provide service to the forwards.

  3. Clinical Finishing: Albania must make the most of the few chances they will get. Players like Broja, Asani, and Muçi need to be sharp in front of goal.

  4. Set Pieces: Effective use of set pieces could be a crucial factor. With good delivery and aerial threats, Albania can exploit these opportunities to score.


Albania faces a tough challenge in Group B, but their chances should not be dismissed. The team’s success will depend on their defensive discipline, midfield control, and clinical finishing. If they can secure points against Croatia and put up strong performances against Spain and Italy, advancing to the knockout stages, though difficult, is within the realm of possibility. The blend of experienced and emerging talent in the squad provides a foundation for optimism, and Albania could well be one of the surprise packages of Euro 2024.

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